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The Jerusalem Scrolls

A Vatican Secret Archive Thriller – Sequels to The Magdalene Chronicles series

If you like Daniel Silva, Steve Berry, Dan Brown, James Rollins, or Robert Ludlum, you’ll love this thrilling new addition to the 
Vatican Secret Archive Thrillers series.

When a mysterious parchment about Jesus Christ’s last days surfaces from a cave in the Judean Desert, a young priest must keep it safe. But dark forces around the world want it for themselves . . . and they’re breathing down his neck at every turn.

Father Michael Dominic is called to Jerusalem after two Israeli boys dig up an ancient clay jar that hides several scrolls dating back thousands of years, including one that could upend the Church—a manuscript penned by Saint Paul the Apostle himself—an explosive parchment that stands to rewrite religious history. 

Father Dominic arrives to authenticate the relic, but his plans are foiled when a mysterious secret sect wants it in their clutches. His mission kicks off a breakneck pursuit through the wild bazaars of Cairo and the holy city of Jerusalem in a desperate attempt to keep the relic from enemies who would use it for their own wicked purposes. Can the priest find a way to preserve history and stay alive, or will the forces of evil prevail?

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The Magdalene Deception

Book 1 of The Magdalene Chronicles

Don’t miss the first bestselling book in the series, The Magdalene Deception, where you’ll learn the most about the characters in all books to come—sure to keep readers turning pages through the night.

Jesuit priest Michael Dominic has found a secret within the Vatican that might threaten the very legitimacy of the church . . . but his discovery also pits him against dangerous enemies willing to do anything for his silence. Can he and investigative reporter Hana Sinclair uncover the truth—and escape with their lives?

“This story brims with intrigue, danger, and the fight for a religion’s soul. Steeped in Vatican and WWII intrigue, this history-rich thriller will appeal to readers eager to unravel conspiracies and explore the past.” — Publishers Weekly/BookLife

January 2021