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The Avignon Affair

A Vatican Secret Archives Thriller – Sequels to The Magdalene Chronicles series

If you like Steve Berry, Dan Brown, James Rollins, or Daniel Silva, you’ll love this thrilling new addition to the
Vatican Secret Archives Thriller series.

A corpse cloaked in secrets rests in an ancient tomb deep beneath Notre-Dame Cathedral, but its identity remains elusive. One priest is determined to find out who the dead man is and what he’s hiding…

Father Michael Dominic is called to France for an unusual assignment. A fourteenth-century bishop was found in a crypt buried under the burnt remnants of Notre-Dame—but he’s wearing the ring of a cardinal, and two parchment scrolls had been hidden in his garment sleeve. Who was this 700-year-old custodian of carefully guarded secrets?

Once Father Dominic decodes the rolled scrolls, long-hidden confessions are exposed that throw France into political turmoil while creating havoc within Dominic’s own team of friends. Relationships are tested and shocking new revelations emerge in The Avignon Affair.


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The Magdalene Deception

Book 1 of The Magdalene Chronicles

Don’t miss the first bestselling book in the series, The Magdalene Deception, where you’ll learn the most about the characters in all books to come—sure to keep readers turning pages through the night.

Jesuit priest Michael Dominic has found a secret within the Vatican that might threaten the very legitimacy of the church…but his discovery also pits him against dangerous enemies willing to do anything for his silence. Can he and investigative reporter Hana Sinclair uncover the truth—and escape with their lives?

January 2021