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The Petrus Prophecy

A Vatican Secret Archives Thriller – Sequels to The Magdalene Chronicles series​

If you like Steve Berry, Dan Brown, James Rollins, or Daniel Silva, you’ll love this thrilling new addition to
The Vatican Secret Archives Thriller series.

Portugal. 1917. Three shepherd children witness a vision of the Blessed Lady of Fátima. The Lady offers three prophecies, but later the Church only acknowledges two . . . and hides the final one in a vault, terrified of its power to end the world.

Father Michael Dominic receives a copy of an unpublished exposé written by his colleague, Father Jonah Barlow. Barlow claims to know the Third Secret Prophecy and wrote his book to reveal it to the faithful. But tragedy strikes soon after when Father Barlow falls to his death, leaving bewildered colleagues in his wake.

Father Dominic suspects Barlow’s demise is due to foul play, but he only has one piece of evidence—the original book manuscript is missing from the crime scene. The provocative tome sparks an international chase to discover the truth, with some driven by greed and others intent on concealing the sacred prophecy forever.

Can Father Dominic and his friends unearth the saint’s words and redeem Barlow’s legacy? Or will his investigation unleash a dark force capable of destroying everything and everyone he cares for?

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The Magdalene Deception

Book 1 of The Magdalene Chronicles

Don’t miss the first bestselling book in the series, The Magdalene Deception, where you’ll learn the most about the characters in all books to come—sure to keep readers turning pages through the night.

January 2021