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About Gary's Latest Thriller

The Magdalene Veil

Book 3 of The Magdalene Chronicles

If you read Steve Berry, Dan Brown, James Rollins, or Michael Connelly, you’ll love this exciting followup to The Magdalene Deception and The Magdalene Reliquary.


From Jerusalem to Rennes-le-Château, France, and from Rome to Buenos Aires, Father Michael Dominic and his friends take on a new adventure as they discover clues in old Nazi diaries that lead them to the most sacred artifact imaginable: the legendary Veil of Veronica, the cloth on which Christ cleansed his face on the road to Crucifixion, and which imparted his holy visage, showing what many believe to be the face of the Son of God.

Michael and Hana must track down clues in the form of three fragments of a mystifying puzzle in order to find the veil. The sacred artifact has been secretly locked away for 75 years in the famed Wewelsburg Castle, where SS Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler held occult ceremonies and led a mysterious organization known as the Ahnenerbe, whose mission it was to produce a line of pure Aryan children. Mossad, Interpol, and elite Israeli Shayetet 13 forces come into play to bring down the long-hunted Nazi in charge of it all, one of the few remaining prizes on Israel’s most-wanted list.


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The Magdalene Deception

Book 1 of The Magdalene Chronicles

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