News and features related to historical topics I've written about in my novels.

The Magdalene Deception

The Auschwitz of the Balkans

In every country in Europe where the Holocaust took place—meaning the entire continent with the exception of Great Britain and the six neutral states—there are iconic sites that have come to symbolize the Shoah. Outside of Eastern Europe, where the systematic mass murder of Jews occurred, these sites are generally

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The Jerusalem Scrolls

Israel Reveals Newly Discovered Fragments of Dead Sea Scrolls

Related to a riveting new thriller coming out here in February 2023—The Jerusalem Scrolls—we have news. The newly discovered fragments, ranging from just a few millimeters to a thumbnail in size, are the first to be unearthed in archaeological excavations in the Judean Desert in about 60 years. READ MORE

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The Avignon Affair

Scientists to Open 700-Year-Old Notre-Dame Sarcophagus

Straight from the pages of The Avignon Affair—but in real life… In 2019, the Notre Dame Cathedral was engulfed in a catastrophic fire that ultimately damaged and destroyed its upper walls, roof, and spire. Even as it burned, devastated onlookers poured in donations. Thus, it did not take long for

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