The Avignon Affair

A Vatican Secret Archive Thriller

A 700-year-old body is discovered in a hidden crypt buried deep beneath the burnt embers of Notre-Dame Cathedral during reconstruction after its disastrous fire. Presumed to be that of a bishop from the fourteenth century, two parchment scrolls had been secretly sewn into the man’s preserved garments—documents that could spell doom for modern-day France.

While the country is in great political turmoil—with rival factions laying claim not only to the presidency, but to the republic’s royal heritage—the French government calls on the Vatican’s own Father Michael Dominic to extract and learn what secrets the parchments may hold. But when they lead him to the tomb of Pope Clement V, the priest discovers yet another set of shocking documents with hints of a vast treasure the pope had buried before he died in 1314. When a prominent figure seizes the seat of government by force, it’s now up to Michael, Hana, and Marco—along with their trusted Swiss Guards—to act.

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