The Galileo Gambit

A Vatican Secret Archive Thriller - Book 6

Father Michael Dominic, prefect of the Vatican Secret Archives in Rome, is entrusted with the mission of transporting the original 17th-century trial documents of Galileo to Loyola Law School in Chicago. The stage is set for a modern historical mock trial of Galileo’s original heresy charges, commemorating the 400th anniversary of the legendary event.

In this riveting reenactment, Galileo’s fate lies in the hands of the Vatican’s current chief prosecutor—a cunning bishop from the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, and his defense, a distinguished law professor harboring a mysterious past. All the while, the Pope’s deteriorating health has the Roman Curia on edge, as ambitious contenders jockey for position in the anticipated papal election.

But the plot thickens when priceless historical exhibits vanish the night before the trial! With no time to lose, Father Michael’s team is forced to divide and conquer, pursuing every lead to recover the stolen treasures. As they face perilous twists and turns, they must also contend with shadowy plots from rival factions.

The stakes are high as Father Michael and his team race against time to uncover the truth behind this pulse-pounding mystery. With hidden agendas emerging from the shadows and help materializing from the most unexpected sources, loyalties are put to the ultimate test. Hold onto your seats and prepare for a tense ride as Father Michael courageously battles to unravel the enigmatic conspiracy known as The Galileo Gambit.

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Praise for "The Galileo Gambit"

“This is the most thrilling, exhilarating, thought-provoking and suspenseful addition to the series of terrific historical adventures and mysteries…I admire how the principal characters continue to develop in a deep and believable manner. Minor characters from the past return and play a more substantial role. Even the most deluded or evil are fascinating. The books can be enjoyed by people of any religious background and beliefs, or having none at all…The book contains violence, explosive action, heart-pounding moments of tension, greed, theft, and coercion that kept me intrigued and riveted to my seat, and also acts of friendship, kindness and loyalty. The ending was heartwarming and satisfying. Highly recommended.” — Carolyn Walsh, Canadian Reviewer