Le secret Madeleine

Livre 1 des Chroniques de Madeleine

Un secret interdit
 Le destin de l’Église en suspens
 Un duo de limiers amateurs rĂ©vĂšlera-t-il une vĂ©ritĂ© qui pourrait bouleverser le monde chrĂ©tien ?

La RĂ©surrection est la pierre angulaire de la foi chrĂ©tienne. Toutefois, lorsqu’un indice jaillit qui suggĂšre un rĂ©cit diffĂ©rent, les consĂ©quences pourraient bien changer la chrĂ©tientĂ© Ă  jamais.

Le poste du prĂȘtre Michael Dominic aux lĂ©gendaires Archives SecrĂštes du Vatican l’amĂšne Ă  dĂ©couvrir un papyrus perdu, enseveli dans les sous-sols de Rome : les Ă©crits jusqu’alors inconnus de Marie Madeleine. La rĂ©vĂ©lation hĂ©rĂ©tique de la relique oubliĂ©e menace la lĂ©gitimitĂ©-mĂȘme du Vatican et confronte Michael Ă  des ennemis puissants et impitoyables.

DĂ©sespĂ©rĂ©, il se tourne vers Hana Sinclair, une journaliste d’investigation qui est habituĂ©e Ă  s’attaquer aux sujets les plus controversĂ©s. Ensemble, ils dĂ©fient l’élite de l’Église et se lancent dans une enquĂȘte des zones d’ombre de l’histoire afin de dĂ©couvrir la vĂ©ritĂ©. Alors que la pression monte pour faire taire le duo, le Vatican aura-t-il recours Ă  l’impensable pour sauvegarder sa richesse et son pouvoir ?

BasĂ© sur des faits rĂ©els, ce thriller international emmĂšne les lecteurs dans une course folle Ă  travers les sites sacrĂ©s d’Europe. Procurez-vous votre exemplaire de ce bestseller et dĂ©couvrez pourquoi les fans dĂ©vouĂ©s de Gary McAvoy disent « je ne voulais pas que ce livre prenne fin ! ».

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Publié en français 1 Août 2022.
Publié initialement en anglais le 1er juillet 2020


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“In this gripping conspiracy thriller, McAvoy applies his love of ancient manuscripts and historical documents to weave a story that spans from the early days of the Catholic Church to the present . . . Welcome historical context is sprinkled throughout the novel, which includes vivid descriptions of real-world celebrations, history-inspired prophecy, ancient texts [and] epic poems . . . Every detail has been carefully curated to immerse the reader in the story, and McAvoy makes sure to leave breathing room for readers to absorb each new piece of information. The rich settings, elegantly described through architecture and antiques, anchor the reader in time and place. Consistent pacing complements the narrative . . . This story brims with intrigue, danger, and the fight for a religion’s soul. Steeped in Vatican and WWII intrigue, this history-rich thriller will appeal to readers eager to unravel conspiracies and explore the past.” — PUBLISHERS WEEKLY/BOOKLIFE

“It’s a well-written novel that, despite the grim stakes, is more entertaining than frightening, more James Bond than Philip Marlowe. You get the feeling you’re under the spell of a writer too dignified to dwell for long in the dark corners of his antagonists. But he thinks you should know that evil exists.” — KEVIN HELLIKER, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and former senior writer for The Wall Street Journal

“Gary McAvoy’s steady, Vatican-set thriller, The Magdalene Deception is an impassioned thriller that’s directed by Church mysteries. Packed with details on the nature of archival work, it’s also a crystalline portrait of persistence.” — FOREWORD CLARION REVIEWS

“McAvoy’s novel is fast paced and well-plotted. [With an] alluring setting and appealing premise
 McAvoy’s prose is clear, direct, and propels the novel along quickly. It shines when describing the novel’s locations, including the atmosphere inside the Vatican
. The Magdalene Deception is an entertaining and original Vatican thriller with an engaging hero, vivid setting, and suspenseful circumstances.” — THE BOOKLIFE PRIZE 2020

“This is one of those books you start reading in the evening and decide to skip work the next day so you can read all night. This a masterful blend of real history and what-if present day. I found myself several times putting down the book so I could do an online search just to confirm what the author, Gary McAvoy, wrote could even be true. And boy, did I get a history lesson about both the Inquisition and World War II. McAvoy is obviously a student of history and has skillfully woven a tale that began a thousand years ago and continues in this millennium. His attention to detail and superb writing (an excellent command of the language) vividly paints a picture that puts your own imagination into overdrive.” — GREGORY McDONALD, Amazon Reviewer

“Exquisitely written and highly entertaining, The Magdalene Deception is an investigative mystery in a very similar vein to The DaVinci Code
The real quality to this book is the author himself — the writing is superb. There is an outstanding attention to detail in McAvoy, and the setpieces he weaves are vivid, colourful and authentic; this author treats his audience as intelligent and attentive, and this is always hugely beneficial to any writer. As well as being an evidently well-educated historian, McAvoy also knows his stuff in terms of modern-day information networking and the technology in present day use alongside ancient practices and customs
” — MATT McAVOY BOOK REVIEWS (UK)  (No relation to the author)

“A great thriller that weaves numerous storylines together effectively. Recommended to those who love a good thriller with historical implications, as well as the reader who enjoys Vatican and Catholic politics. McAvoy creates a wonderful story that never stops building throughout. Juggling modern and ancient Church issues, McAvoy does not lose his reader at any point, as his writing is so clear that the attentive reader will likely want more.” — MATT PECHEY, Reedsy Discovery

“This book was absolutely fantastic. The subject matter was clearly well-researched, and the characters compelling, and I like that the author didn’t take the ‘easy way out’ as the characters developed their chemistry. The first couple of chapters were slower paced than what you’d find in a typical thriller, but I don’t count that as a bad thing. It was clear the author was taking time to shape what the reader needed to know. A slow burn burns just as hot. The action picked up and I kept turning the pages until it was over and I was wanting so much more. There was a hint that the story will continue with the characters, and if that’s the case, I will follow along. It’s hard not to compare stories like this with those that became so popular, but I found I liked this book far better than Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.” — KIM CHEEL, NetGalley Reviewer

“If, like me, you find the concept of secret, mysterious Vatican archives and a long tumultuous religious history, mixed with strong characters and moral dilemmas interesting, then this book is for you
 For me this is the book’s greatest strength, the time spent developing the characters whilst also letting me go on the journey with them in a way which made it very hard for me to stop reading!” — SANTINO DECARO, NetGalley Reviewer

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